Restore iphone without updating

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Restore iphone without updating

When the OBi PHONE port goes On-Hook this will end current call and invoke a ring for the holding call.

You may connect an OBi LINE USB to FXO adapter to the USB Port of the OBi device to provide an extra Line port.You can make one of the available trunks or TG1 as the Primary Line for outbound calls.The Primary Line for the PHONE port(s) and the Auto Attendant is configured via the OBi device management web page described herein or the OBi TALK Device Configuration Vo IP Service Provider set-up screen also gives the user the option to select a trunk or TG1 as the Primary Line..To remove the second conferenced party, invoke a third Hook-Flash.When the OBi goes On-Hook during a 3-way Call, this will become a transfer when 2 (outbound) call does not succeed, e.g.To perform initial activation/setup on your 3G smartphone or basic phone, view this info.

If you're having other issues with your device, visit our Troubleshooting Assistant.

On the first Hook-Flash during an active call the OBi can make a second outbound call.

On the second Hook-Flash, the first call and the second outbound call are placed in a conference.

The devices native web server includes functionality for browsing the contents on the attached USB device and sharing them selectively with other parties.

There are three levels of access to an attached USB storage device, admin, user, and anonymous.

In that case, many of the Line Port related features and configuration parameters described in this guide will be applicable on that device.