Roadie dating

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Roadie dating

What does work is an affable turn by Meat Loaf as Travis, world's handiest roadie, and Kaki Hunter as the bubbly virginal groupie, Lola.

Less than the ticket to see it at the movie (and I'm talking dollar house, y'all) and I have disk full of memories going back more decades then some of you have been alive! Pert near plumb perfect for a movie that doesn't expect anything except the belief that everything works if you let it. Grab your bag of popcorn and your soda and sit down and enjoy a unusually quirky movie that takes you on a journey you won't soon forget. In fact, if you asked me now to describe the plot to you, I don't think I could. She looks great but remember, it was filmed thirty four years ago!Down-home Texas boy Travis Redfish (Meat Loaf) falls hard for Lola, a glitter-spangled groupie determined to lose her virginity to Alice Cooper. One the strangest musical curiosities of the 1980s, Roadie stars Meat Loaf as a good ol' Texas boy who turns himself into the world's greatest roadie to win the heart of a teen-age groupie (Kaki Hunter).Hoping to woo her, Travis signs on with a traveling rock band and soon finds himself celebrated as the greatest roadie of all time ! She, however, is obsessed with Alice Cooper, just one of the musical guest stars in this rock & roll road movie farce.The Bulls come to town having dropped their first two and the Cavaliers are looking to make it three before heading out for a two-game roadie in Brooklyn and the Big Easy.Going into the fourth game of the season, the Cavs have made a pair of lineup changes – one voluntary and one most definitely not. Smith, who’s started 157 regular season games as a Cavalier, will regain his starter’s spot on Tuesday night against Chicago. The involuntary lineup change is the absence of Derrick Rose, who sprained his left ankle late on Friday night in Milwaukee and, per Coach Lue, will miss about another week.But that team and the one they’ll face tonight are two markedly different squads.

Despite going to the past three Finals, the Wine & Gold made major offseason overhauls. But the team that took the East’s top seed to six games after losing Rajon Rondo went into straight rebuilding mode – dealing three-time All-Star Jimmy Butler on Draft night and releasing Dwyane Wade earlier this fall.

Something about Meatloaf leaving his country bumpkin backwoods kin to "make it big" in the hurly-burly world of rock 'n' roll. Watch it when you have absolutely nothing else to do!

Last year, the one team the Cavaliers couldn’t solve was the Chicago Bulls, dropping all four contests to their Central Division nemesis.

The voluntary lineup change came directly from Dwayne Wade, who talked Tyronn Lue into moving him into the second unit. Swish has had his moments this season, but hasn’t gotten into any real rhythm off the bench – shooting just 33 percent from the floor, just over 15 percent from long-range. Jose Calderon was relatively ineffective in Saturday’s spot-start and Iman Shumpert started the second half in his place – turning in the second-highest scoring total of his career as a Cav, finishing with 21 points on 5-for-6 shooting from beyond the arc.

Calderon is listed as the starter for Tuesday night’s matchup, but Coach Lue will reveal his call closer to gametime The Portis-Mirotic incident shook the NBA – and the Bulls organization.

La Marcus Aldridge lit him up for 28 points as San Antonio spoiled Chicago’s home opener on Saturday night. The Bulls were expecting more out of Valentine – taken with the 14th overall pick a year ago.