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After this one hour, I got straight on Skype to Ewelina, who I found on italki.

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Humans can extrapolate what you mean when you make mistakes, so if I messed up a conjugation or pronunciation, it's easy to guess from the context what I might mean.You know way more than you think you do, to try to keep a conversation flowing, even if you have only actually learned a couple of dozen words like I did.You will also notice that I laugh and smile during the process.Most English speakers can reach this stage by focusing on their R, which is the biggest giveaway of all.I found that I shine best in natural situations, rather than when someone is listening out specifically for how my Polish is.This wasn't because my Polish was so great but because context always gives you tonnes of clues.

Guesswork is essential in the early stages of language learning, and a hugely under-appreciated skill by those obsessed with perfectionism.

This is great for giving a much more relaxed and comfortable impression, than having body language that screams point of learning Polish was to help me to get around better while I was there.

I was indeed able to tell the taxi man where I wanted to go, order food, ask for directions, and exchange basic initial pleasantries with people.

This was important to be aware of in a direct one-on-one conversation like what I was going to have.

I also saw that I could have glanced at Polish's grammatical cases, but what would the point be?

And most importantly, I did a LOT of extrapolation myself when the other person was speaking.

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