Xbox not updating video library

11-May-2020 03:15 by 2 Comments

Xbox not updating video library

Interface: It’s simple and intuitive, particularly for people who have been using Microsoft’s Xbox Live interface since the overhaul last fall.

The staff over at Plex have a version of their app on every major streaming box, smart TV, and console.So I made a point last night to fire up my Xbox 360, download the new Amazon app, and try it out.To be clear, one evening with a service does not translate into a comprehensive review, but I wanted to share my initial impressions here, to give new users a sense for what to expect, and compare notes with others who have been trying it, too.The Plex app for Xbox One was always one of our favourite platforms to stream our home media content through, and a swathe of changes that were pushed as an update yesterday have made it even better. Here are the others that makes Plex the number one choice to stream music through if you own the console.Most notably, the company has added music library functionality to the app so you can play your music files through your home server on the Xbox One with rich metadata and other extras. Hopefully, the changes will make it to the PS4 versions as well soon.The app has received a complete visual re-design that puts the emphasis on posters and art.

In a blog post explaining the new features and changes, the developers at Plex go into detail about what makes the v2 UI such an improvement over the previous version of the app.

The Amazon app hadn’t automatically saved my recently watched videos, at least not that I was able to find.

The movie did pick up where I left off, thankfully.

Purchasing and rental: Even though Amazon Prime subscribers can quickly access a large library of content at no extra charge, the full library of Amazon movies and TV shows is many times bigger, and plenty of people don’t subscribe to Amazon Prime.

However, it’s not possible to rent or buy videos from Amazon inside the Xbox Live app.

Some of the biggest changes include: The update will be downloaded automatically for Xbox One Plex users within the next week, but the eager beavers who can’t wait can manually grab the update from the Microsoft Store by searching for “Plex”.