Dating arriane game

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Dating arriane game

I'm really glad I have it but I think my 30ml bottle will last ages. The drydown for both is warm, vanilla Almond cream with a tiny bit of earthy patchouli note.

I do get that slight root beer float vibe and it is definitely the almond that does it as I get the same smell in Guerlain's l'instant magic and they share that almond note. I can't just throw it on and go otherwise it's too much for me. I love the smell of this perfume but it just hasn't got any muscle power to last the day!!! Like cherries, followed by the Almond cream note in the EDT.

It's a bit too overwhelming for a normal work day, and when I go out I usually reach for something more... That is when I know it is time to leave because I am convinced every perfume can be wonderful just depending on certain aspects such as skin chemistry, time, place and dose... On the other hand, I complimented a Lady taxi driver on her beautiful perfume, since on her it was really totally different, when she surprised me by saying it was hypnotic poison. I Love her in All Her Incarnations, Play-Do And ALL!! But when hours pass, vanilla fades weaker, and there appears also a scent of pepper. ...I am usually not able to deal with too much sweetness. Because this is a straight blast of vanilla extract.

I have a hard time finding the right moment/occasion to wear this fragrance. Most of the time I wear this at home at night when I just want to relax and snuggle under the covers. I would recommend you to buy this fragrance, but you have to be a bit bold to wear it in public in my opinion. Everytime I am at a perfumery I always see at least one group of teenies or a woman that uses the opportunity of showering in this perfume. A co-worker of mine uses this perfume in the office and it smells like old socks or what I would believe would smell similar. NOW I Have a few Vintage Bottles of the edt, Also her sisters Eau SENSUELLE And the EDP.... First hours are lovely, best perfume experience ever. I have not ever smelled the previos formulations..I cannot compare. I somehow,don't find this an OVER sweet fragrance...??? Seriously though, if you don't like vanilla----Stay away.

Today I wore Hypnotic Poison as the next leg on my vanilla note perfume journey.

My first thought was that this one was really mis-classified as a vanilla bomb.

Its a warm, sexy cozy fragrance that makes me think of warm fuzzy sweaters, red lipstick and undone messy hair. From the first moment I tested Dior's Hypnotic Poison @ Macy's during its launch, I was completely spellbound by the intoxicating aroma of creamy almond and rich exotic woods bloomed on my skin. I just want to advise anyone thinking about making a blind purchase of Hypnotic Poison to actually try it on their skin.

It's one of those fragrances which can react very strongly to personal body chemistry, and unfortunately it reacts very very badly to mine.

It's nothing like the original Poison, which was a monster hit in the 80's. I smell no weird "root beer" according to some of you, and it smells amazing!

I can smell myself the whole day and it's not too overpowering or too strong.

I found the almond note to be more dominant, and actually, I would describe it more as a marzipan note because it had a strong confection-y quality to it.

I know HP has a devoted following but to be honest, I didn't enjoy wearing it today.

I thought that perhaps the bottle in that shop had gone off, especially given that the other flanker and original Poison had been fine on me, so I tried it again. So those old rules about never purchasing a fragrance for others unless you know they love it, and never blind buying perfumes unless you are prepared for possible disappointment, monetary loss (and a sandblasting experience to rid your upper dermis) really applies to Hypnotic Poison. It would be a charming addition, but I never got over its close association with the original Poison, which was about as overdone as a Phil Collins song back then.

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