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In some states (such as Texas and Florida), local pageants are also held to determine delegates for the state competition.

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The oldest woman to be crowned Miss USA is Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether of Maryland, at 27 years old and 7 months.

The least successful states are Delaware, placing only once in 2015; Montana, which has not placed since the 1950s; South Dakota, which has only placed three times (the last time in 2016), and Wyoming, which gained only its second placement in 2010.

The only state which has produced more than one Miss Universe is South Carolina.

The following month, Fox announced that it had acquired the U. television rights to Miss USA and Miss Universe beginning with Miss Universe 2015.

Every year, each state holds a preliminary competition to choose their delegate for the Miss USA pageant.

The only instance when a first runner-up assumed the title of Miss USA prior to this period was in 1957, when Mary Leona Gage of Maryland resigned after it was discovered she was married.

The winner is assigned a one-year contract with the Miss Universe Organization, traveling across the United States, and in some cases overseas, to spread messages about the control of diseases, peace, and public awareness of AIDS.

The Miss Universe Organization licenses out the state pageants to pageant directors, who in some cases are responsible for more than one state.

The directorial groups are the following: RPM Productions (Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina); Vanbros (Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma); Future Productions (Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Wyoming); Pageant Associates (Indiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, West Virginia); Pageants NW Productions (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington); Crystal Group (Texas); Greenwood Productions (Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee); D&D Productions (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Rhode Island); Proctor Productions (Michigan, Ohio); Casting Crown Productions (Arizona, Utah); Top 10 Productions (California); Smoak Productions (Nevada); Connie Clark Harrison (Kentucky); KPJ Productions (Virginia); Clemente Productions (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire); Garness Productions (Alaska); New Media Productions (Hawaii); Debbie Miller and Cindy Provost (New York); Laura's Productions (New Mexico); and Five Crown Pageant Productions (Connecticut, District of Columbia).

Some aspects of the quantitative approach in archaeology.

The Miss USA is an American beauty pageant that has been held annually since 1952 to select the American entrant in the Miss Universe pageant.

In late-June 2015, both NBC and Spanish-language network Univision (which was to begin a new five-year contract for Spanish rights) announced that they would cut their ties with Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization in response to remarks Trump made relating to undocumented immigrants during the launch of his 2016 U. In February 2016, Donald Trump and Univision reached a settlement ending the litigation.

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