Updating awstats

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I have a 2nd domain under my hosting accnt with WPress installed in that subdomain.I have a htaccess file with just MY ip and IMH ip in there which is located on my ROOT dir, which SHOULD protect my whole site and sub domain... I created a new user with user/pass for another person who is helping with the subdomain design.

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Please advise on how to attach it here if possible.What is going on to let someone inside that is NOT on the ip htaccess file ?Even if they have a good user/pass they still should NOT be able to log in.Is there anyway to make it work with both..even switch this solution to all IPV6?Hello David, Thanks for the question about using IPV6.Thanks Paul Hello Paul, Thank you for contacting us.

We are happy to help, but we will have to see your .htaccess code to help troubleshoot further.

Could it be due to having two instances of I like this solution and it has helped my issues but the people I ask to provide their IP addresses so I can grant them access keep getting the IPV6 version..only works with IPV4 addresses.

I've noted the trend is hard towards the IPV6 and it's getting hard to find your IPV4 address sometimes.

If you'd like a plugin to do so, I recommend reviewing the options in the Wordfence security plugin for Word Press.

However, the CSF option would have the advantage of being CMS agnostic, but the disadvantage of requiring root level access on the server, which isn't always an option.

But, if I type (note the slash at the end), I will gain access to the wordpress login page. Using these blocking methods, when my site gets hammered by attempts, will these show in awstats or other stats?

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