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Similar guidelines can be devised with reference to chat rooms and instant messaging.

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By the way, it’s worth pointing out that you’re not alone.She also had a role on the television series Scrubs in 2004, before playing the title character on the short-lived series Emily's Reasons Why Not in 2006.She also had recurring roles on Showtime's Californication (2014) and Netflix's Flaked (2016). Her family is of "three-quarters Irish" descent, Graham however is a Scottish Border Reivers name, with her father's side from County Cork.Her first credited film appearance was in the television film Student Exchange.In 1986, she appeared on a special "Teen Week" episode of the NBC game show Scrabble.After appearing in television commercials, her first starring role in a feature film came with the teen comedy License to Drive (1988), followed by the critically acclaimed film Drugstore Cowboy (1989), which gained her initial industry notice.

She then played supporting roles in films such as Shout (1991), Diggstown (1992), Six Degrees of Separation (1993), Swingers (1996) and on the television series Twin Peaks (1991) and its prequel film Fire Walk with Me (1992), before gaining critical praise in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights (1997) as porn starlet Brandy / Rollergirl.

Net Nanny blocks unwanted content and provides a window into the online activity of every member of the household by keeping track of search keywords, places visited, pictures, conversations and personal contacts.

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Then she appeared in numerous television commercials, and an episode of the sitcom Growing Pains in 1987.

Her first high-profile starring role came in the Corey Haim/Corey Feldman vehicle License to Drive (1988), as a popular girl named Mercedes Lane, who serves as the love interest of Haim's character.

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