Android contact photos not updating from facebook

24-Jan-2020 22:56 by 8 Comments

Android contact photos not updating from facebook - top 10 android apps for dating

The next thing you should try to do is clear the cache and data of the Facebook app to see if that makes a difference.Don’t worry, all your FB contacts will not be deleted: Two of our readers actually confirmed that clearing the cache and data seemed to have fixed the issue (the same as yours) for them.

I already uninstalled and reinstalled Facebook but the same thing happens over and over. Troubleshooting: It may not be obvious but the problem is not with Facebook but with your phone’s performance.In this post, I will tackle issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (#Samsung #Galaxy Note5) that is related to Facebook syncing.The first issue is about the contact pictures not showing.First of all, what’s the connection between these two apps?The problem is, every time I login to Facebook, the Gallery crashes; either it closes on its own or displays the error “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.”I already tried your suggestion to clear the cache and data of the Gallery app as it’s the one crashing but it didn’t help.If the problem remained after wiping the cache partition, then you have no other option but to perform a master reset.

But before anything else, backup your pictures, videos, files, etc. We are always open to your problems, questions and suggestions, so feel free to contact us by filling up this form.

Odds are, it’s a glitch in the firmware, or with the specific version of the app; I just don’t know for sure.

Of course, the solution is to log in using your email address.

According to our reader, the Gallery app crashes every time he logs in to his Facebook account.

He is, of course, trying to log in to his account using the official FB app and the gallery app he’s referring to is the stock one.

Read on to know more of these problems and learn how to deal with them in case you’ll encounter them in the future.