Anushka sharma and suresh raina dating

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Anushka sharma and suresh raina dating - bambas dating com

Anushka, who is busy shooting in Rajkot for a Vishal Bhardwaj movie, denied the reports.The representative of the actress states that Sharma is being falsely linked to the cricketer and there is absolutely no romance brewing.

But completely unfazed by all of these, they made a hand-in-hand appearance while stepping out of the airport after flying back to India from Sydney. :)And it seems the couple headed to Shirdi soon after that.

I wish we could see a photo of the four of them in the same frame!

But for now, take a look at Suresh’s wedding diary here.

The reports further became strong as the actress’s brother Karnesh is also a state-level player.

During the World Cup, the actress became friendly with Sakshi Rawat, Mahendra Dhoni’s wife.

Later, Ranbir was also keen that Ayan Mukherjee takes Anushka in his upcoming film, however, Ayaan had already short-listed Deepika for his film.

Industry wallahs informed that their relationship was more than ‘being friends’.

Now that Ranbir and Anushka are single again, will they continue from where they left? And if that happens it will surely be girlfriend swapping between Ranveer and Ranbir.

Anushka Sharma and Shahid Kapoor was spotted coming together had-in-hand in ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ success party thrown by Imran Khan.

Perhaps that’s why they couldn’t make it to the wedding of Virat’s teammate and friend, Suresh Raina.

However, it seems the two had not only attended his pre-wedding bash but also showered Suresh and his wife with a lot of love and wishes.

She met him in Bangalore and the two dated for more than 2 years.

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    The relationship quickly intensified, and Schuster fell hard, emailing multiple times each day.

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