Wings dating site

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Wings dating site

Now, I’m probably not the best example of talking about which people are undatable due to attraction issues as I have high standards, but the sad fact is that 67-70% of people in the USA are overweight or obese. No one wants to marry someone that is overweight or obese.

However, men tend to be best when someone gets down in the dirt with them and walks life with them.Or have a preacher preach to them about their failings. These could be fruitful times that men could use to pair up with men who are farther along in the faith than them and who have walked through a similar journey in marriage.The older men could give advice, mentor, and disciple these younger men.Reason #2- Influencers in the church are not often single. For those of you who haven’t read this blog from the beginning, when I posted Practical ways to improve your desirability and attractiveness to a prospective spouse to boundless nearly 2 years ago it was promptly deleted as too offense. Apparently attraction is not deemed important enough to be talked about by Focus on the Family’s Singles blog for dating and marriage to the point where it is instead deemed offensive.This ignores the blatant reality that no one wants to marry someone that they aren’t attracted to.Likewise, the same can be true of the women’s ministries.

This would fulfill the passages of Titus 2 among other discipleship and mentoring passages which are from older men to younger men and older women to younger women.

However, the sad case is that no one really cares about the young men in the Church.

They are allowed to drift along by their own feelings.

I am not discounting developing a godly personality…

but it is attraction that gets your foot in the door for women.

They are carried every which way because they are not grounded in the faith.

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