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If we reflect for just a moment on human nature with all its in-born capriciousness and greed, we understand that a system where everyone stays in any kind of permanent alliance must be fastened in place by necessity.Traditional marriage worked as a foundation of society when most people made a living growing their own food and going hungry if you screwed up in life was a real possibility.

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This arrangement has already put society on a path to the intermittent warfare typical of hunter-gatherer societies.He too instinctually wants a variety of mates to spread his line to prevent a single disaster from wiping him out.The modern high-information society means he can spend his energy trying for multiple low-investment sexual partners instead of sinking all his resources into one insecure prospect.As greatly as Black culture is maligned, I have noticed it has been a preview of where the rest of society will be in about 20 years.The word “game” itself comes straight from ghetto slang.Until modern medicine child mortality had always been very high even with both parents putting in their best effort.

With the survival of children practically assured, the life-long union with its extreme opportunity costs becomes strategically obsolete.It has been pointed out for years in the manosphere that traditional marriage is a game for young people, especially young women at peak fertility.People have been using the word “traditional” for a reason because the present institution bears little resemblance.Presently, we are faced with falling fertility rates and the costs imposed on society by single motherhood.Also, monogamy serves as a truce between men so they can spend their energies collaborating against other groups rather than fighting among themselves over women.In this dyamic environment, it may be that bringing back traditional marriage as the founding institution of society is untenable.