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While designed to fit the new locks of the Panama Canal, the vessel nevertheless still has to undergo a few minor modifications to meet requirements unknown at the time she was built before being able to pass, and charter parties need to be updated to clarify coverage of canal costs.Furthermore, a ship carrying multiple products must deal with additional scheduling and tank cleaning tasks, and the product supply chain has to be managed carefully because loading and discharge ports change frequently.

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Inversely, challenges in those markets have applied strong negative pressure on Suezmaxes in recent quarters – something evidenced by the fact that Suezmaxes presently earn considerably less than Aframaxes on a TCE basis but are more expensive for charterers on a $/mt basis for comparable voyages.

Exploiting economy of scale effects for big tankers (06/02) When Bow Pioneer was commissioned by Odfjell in 2013, building a chemical tanker of these enormous dimensions – 228 meters in length, 37 meters wide, and with a 14-metre draught – was considered by many as a daring step.

But Odfjell, planning for the longer term, ordered the vessel in anticipation of the growing demand for liquid chemicals from new and emerging economies in Asia, most notably China and India.

Expanding the pace during 2018 could help to lift the floor during the ongoing trough market.

It would be unreasonable to expect 111 units to be quickly phased‐out in the coming months – indeed, achieving that number would require nearly every unit under 16 years of age to be demolished, something unlikely given recent major maintenance undertaken on a large portion thereof.

Apart from China, Japan and India are also expected to import significantly more of these commodities in future.

Challenges are manageable But size can also bring challenges, such as higher port fees, the need for extra tugboats, or berthing and unberthing operations being restricted to daylight hours only.

Tanker Market: Suezmax Segment In Worst Position Among Other Classes (06/02) Owners of Suezmax tankers are worse off than their counterparts with focus on other ship classes, said shipbroker Charles R. The shipbroker said that the Suezmax market will face a prolonged course towards recovery, as a result of a lack of enough phase-outs, compared to other tanker classes.

According to the report, “a broad decline in Suezmax rates since the start of the year has seen average pushed earnings to sustained lows with average returns hovering under ,000 /day throughout this past week.

Representing merely third of average daily OPEX, average earnings stand 35% below the low observed during 2017 – at a time when the market is still at seasonal strength”.

CR Weber said that “while hosts of factors have influenced trade dynamics to the detriment of demand distributed to the Suezmax class, the drivers of the extreme scope of the earnings downturn are far from complex: global fleet supply has expanded by 17% since 2015 while demand has decline by 8%.

Indeed, in order to achieve earnings equivalent to the ~,280/day observed during 2015, we estimate that the fleet would need shed 111 units.

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