Naruto dating sim newgrounds

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Naruto dating sim newgrounds

It's a short chapter, so don't get your hopes up that it'll keep you occupied for longer than 5 minutes! - No chance to change the player name - No points Apart from that, the demo is practically the same as the actual chapter 1 will be.

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Much better than the Sonic games, and I believe that's because the characters are original. In regards to the flash, nice story and commentery ^^ but a bit 'could-be-done-by-anyone', if you know what I mean. ^^ Byes~ *returns to her bf, who thinks she has a perfect ass, whether she believes it or not* Giving head ^^ and better! The zooming thing was neat and dizzying, but not to the point of complaining.

^^ Yes, I do possess a furry side, and this game just helps unleash it, as well as giving me a fun game to play. I have to say, that her rear is visually ideal, hot and proportionally perfect TO ITS SIZE, which is rather small. There are bigger perfect asses out there too, so don't go saying hers is THE perfect one. So, yes, we must salute this amazing find of perfection (tho the oogling is a bit over done). I think he was the 6th (after the two splited bars, this time the long thin one).

Wciel się w postać Sakury i użyj swoich wdzięków, żeby rozkochać w sobie Naruto, Sasuke lub Rock Lee!

Odwiedź różne miejsca znane z serii, poznawaj nowe osoby i określ czym chcesz się zajmować. Na stronie Funny znajdziesz najlepszy zestaw gier Gry Randka Sim!

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You have a chance to have sex with whatever guy you made a good relationship(Sasuke, Naruto, or Rock Lee) if you didn't make a good relationship with any of them, then you get to have to settle for Shikamaru.

I have finished the Demo of Dating Minato II~ As you guys might remember from the Kakashi game demo, my demo's are generally the first chapter of my games... THE DEMO The demo is a simplified version of chapter one of the full game.

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Those listed in your inspiration list are regardedly highly in my sight, and I truly can't wait to see any continuations of this, or any more of your future work. (So wonderful to see the Old Man doing 16-bit Link again, lol) ^_^ Proof of perfect asses out there I recall seeing her images (first time I saw) on a sex-starved-best-friend's-of-my-equally-sex-starved-ex-bf livejournal. (And I gave some humor, because I thought how funny it would have been for a perverted guy to rush through Luca's dialogue only to be surprised after ^^ lol! And being a grrl ^^ it was cool to see Peach and Daisy take things into their own hands.

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