Professional black women dating blue collar men

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Professional black women dating blue collar men - buddha dating sites

People who enter relationships with a "come as you are" attitude often have the most long-lasting ones."Some of the people that I interviewed married people with the very idea that they were going to change them.

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In most cases, the answer usually isn't whether your partner makes a six-figure salary or has a master's degree."After a while, you start to let go of your checklist," Nadia told .

"You stop saying, ' I need someone with this salary, in this position, who can do such and such.' And, instead, you just ask yourself: Is this a sweet, kind person who will really make me happy?

The number of college and/or postgraduate educated Black women are ever increasing.

"Strangers who have never met yet who share a class background often have more in common with each other than spouses with whom they share their life if they came from different classes," sociologist Jessi Streib, author of But thanks in large part to the Internet leveling the playing field, people have more opportunity to meet and hook up with those from different walks of life.

Take, for instance, Kim* and Zach, who met through Craigslist casual encounters.

There are some college and/or postgraduate educated, professional Black women who in relationships with college and/or postgraduate educated, professional Black men.

This is well and good as such Black men and women have an educational, intellectual, and socioeconomic commonality with each other.O.'s," she told We can pretend we live in a classless society all we want, but there are nonetheless a few inevitable speed bumps that come with mixed-collar relationships.For instance, money is cited by most couples as one of the biggest that people from different classes tend to approach their relationships differently.That's because research shows that most of us just feel more comfortable dating people at similar educational and economic levels.In fact, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have through mutual friends or work, people are simply more likely to cross paths and hook up if they have shared interests and backgrounds, which often means they have shared economic backgrounds as well.Because of the high level of education achieved, these Black women are in professional and high powered careers where the sky is the limit.