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Results: SOF medics' averaged scores of perceptions of their medic education indicated positive but not completely statistically significant preferences toward reflection-based curricula over traditional curriculum. (Journal Article)Abstract During an assault on an extremely remote target, a US Special Operations Soldier sustained multiple gunshot and fragmentation wounds to the thorax, resulting in a traumatic arrest and subsequent survival. (Journal Article)Abstract Musculoskeletal complaints comprise the majority of cases encountered by military physicians when evaluating young active duty Soldier-athletes.Keywords: Mc Kenzie MR, Parrish EW, Miles EA, Spradling JC, Littlejohn LF, Quinlan MD, Barbee GA, King DR. His care, including care under fire, tactical field care, tactical evacuation care, and Role III, IV, and V care, is presented. This is a case of reactive arthritis in a 19-year-old active duty Soldier-athlete whose failure to improve with conservative therapy initiated further investigation.

Keywords: Boedeker BH, Nicholas TA, Carpenter J, Leighton S, Bernhagen MA, Murray WB, Wadman MC. This study compared several video laryngoscopic (VL) systems and a direct laryngoscope (DL) view when used by medical residents practicing intubation on cadavers.The video devices used included the Storz Medi Pack Mobile Imaging System TM, the Storz CMAC® VL System and the Glide Scope®.Methods: After Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Department of Emergency Medicine (UNMC EM) residents were recruited and given a brief pre-study informational period. The study subjects were asked to perform intubations on two cadavers using both DL and VL while using the three different VL systems.The Journal of Special Operations medicine peer-reviewed article index displays all of our articles listed in alphabetical order.Simply click on the article that interests you, and you will be taken to the abstract for that article.There is no curative therapy for reactive arthritis and management is focused on the treatment of symptoms with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), immunomodulator therapy, and antibiotics if an infectious source is suspected. Medical Stability Operations has evolved into Global Health Engagement in the lexicon of planners but the goal is still the same.

This article used a technical report authored by the RAND Corporation as the basis of a case study of a Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAF) Mission to the country of Niger to build a casualty evacuation capability.

They were classified into three groups: a group of citizens/ first responders with no prior health training, a group of health professionals, and a group of nursing students. Details will be presented in such a way that the reader can follow along and identify how they would manage the case clinically depending on their experience and environment situation.

Commentary will be provided by currently serving military medical technicians. (Journal Article)Abstract On 3 October 2001, the first chalk of Night Stalkers left Campbell Army Airfield enroute to Uzbekistan in support of what would become our nation's longest war.

The medics and author will draw on their SOF experience to communicate relevant clinical concepts pertinent to different operational environments including SOF and TEMS. The vast majority of Soldiers were untested in war and would quickly have the opportunity to meet with the enemies of our nation in close combat. (Journal Article)Abstract Background: Special Operations Forces (SOF) medics have written and published numerous practice reflections that intricately describe their practice environments, clinical dilemmas, and suggestions for teaching and practice.

Commentary and input from active special operations medical technicians will be part of the feature. The two Special Operations Task Forces (TF), TF Dagger to the north in Uzbekistan and TF Sword in the south (aboard the USS Kitty Hawk) were our nation's first strike options against Al Qaeda and Taliban forces in Afghanistan. The lack of translation of SOF medics' experiential evidence to their curriculum has created a gap in evidence-based curriculum development.

The case is used to illustrate the complex dynamics of Special Operations care on the modern battlefield and the exceptional outcomes possible when evidence-based medicine is taken to the warfighter with effective, farforward, expeditionary medical-force projection. When evaluating what appear to be routine overuse injuries, it is important to actively include other potential causes of musculoskeletal complaints in the differential diagnosis.

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