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Since much of Caribbean life takes place outdoors, this has influenced the design and size of buildings, particularly among the rural poor.

The colonial period was marked by conflict between white absentee owners and local managers and merchants and African slave laborers.

Identity also is defined by a religious tradition in which there is minimal separation between the sacred and the secular, manipulable spiritual forces (as in obeah ), and ritual dance and drumming; an equalitarian spirit; an emphasis on self-reliance; and a drive to succeed economically that has perpetuated Eurocentric cultural ideals. The indigenous Taino natives of the region, also referred to as Arawaks, have left evidence of material and ideational cultural influence.

Jews came as indentured servants to help establish the sugar industry and gradually became part of the merchant class.

Sommige onderdelen van de informatie die u verschaft (foto's, uw profiel, lifestyle) kunnen uw etnische afkomst, nationaliteit, religie e.d. Dit is uw eigen keuze en gebeurt onder uw eigen verantwoordelijkheid.

Wij zullen de informatie verwerken en beschermen in overeenstemming met uw keuzen en met de Algemene Voorwaarden.

East Indians have been moving gradually from agricultural labor into mercantile and professional activities.

The major ethnic division is that between whites and blacks.

In 1872, Kingston, with a quarter of the population, became the capital. The population is 90 percent black, 1 percent East Indian, and 7 percent mixed, with a few whites and Chinese.

The black demographic category includes the descendants of African slaves, postslavery indentured laborers, and people of mixed ancestry.

As the plantations declined and as the population grew, urban centers grew faster than did job opportunities, leading to an expanding slum population and the growth of urban trading and other forms of "informal" economic activities.

Architecture reflects a synthesis of African, Spanish, and baroque British influences.

Olympic champion and world record holder Usain Bolt said farewell to his Jamaican fans by winning his final 100 meter race on home soil in 10.03 seconds at the National Stadium in Kingston.

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