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I’ll start off by saying that just_a_girl is being listed as adult fiction, but I do think this would be fine for older YA readers.

For Layla, school is uninteresting, her mum is lame, her father absent and she amuses herself by exploring her budding sexuality with her boyfriend, random strangers and a much older man she identifies as Mr C.From the moment I started this I had a strong sense of dread, especially as earlier in the year I read Cry Blue Murder, a story also involving young girls and the internet.But this story is very different in both the format and outcome.Layla is such a complex character, she’s so young yet she’s out there exploring the world, both in real life and online – searching for some sort of connection or relationship.She’s curious about sex, enjoys teases businessmen on the train, and chatting online, yet she has chosen not to have sex with her boyfriend.Layla's behaviour can be confronting but it is characterised by the expected turmoil of adolescence as she explores versions of herself and tries to make sense of the power she both has, and lacks.

Tjust_a_girl is the screen name of the precocious and provocative fourteen year old Layla.Pastor Beven also takes an interest in Layla, assuring Margot not to worry about her.I really felt for Margot, she cannot work out how to connect with Layla and worries about her all the time.Tadashi’s sections were a surprise to me and at first I couldn't work out why he was included, but soon it’s revealed that his life intersects with Layla’s.He lives a quiet life and is still thinking of his mother who passed away.* 720P high-definition camera, 1MP and true color images.