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More Researchers from the Clemson Nanomaterials Institute (CNI) in South Carolina have used 3D printing to create a wireless triboelectric nanogenerator that generates electricity from motion and vibrations.

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Three versions of the 3D printed map model can be purchased starting at 9.

More Maker 'Gosse Adema' has uploaded an Instructables tutorial for an awesome 3D printed 'Weather/Matrix Lamp,' which is not only colorful and bright but can also keep you updated about the weather outside in real time.

More Two Texas-based IT specialists have founded Metro Block, a company that aims to foster city pride using miniature 3D printed models of neighborhoods.

More Doctors and medical scientists in Chennai, India are developing a method for 3D printing implantable ears.

The research, which has been underway for two years but is moving ahead steadily, could one day be used to produce 3D printed ears for children with ear-related birth defects.

The technology allows for different food textures and shapes to be printed, introducing greater taste and visual variety into sufferer's modified meals, which are often found to be unappealing.

More Yasu Tano of'Hiro Creations spent a whole year using Monoprice Delta 3D printers to print various props, cosplay outfits, and other geeky bits and bobs.

FUS3D, its new manufacturing tech, uses a strong recyclable thermoplastic which connects to the wooden core of the board.

More A team of scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) in Russia is developing a use for 3D printing which could help doctors verify and even improve radiotherapy treatment plans for cancer patients.

More Thanks to advanced DNA research and 3D printing technologies, we now know what one of the earliest British people looked like.

A team from London's Natural History Museum and University College London has just unveiled a highly realistic 3D model of the famous 'Cheddar Man.' More Cody Wilson, director of divisive open-source weapons organization Defense Distributed, has spoken about homemade firearms in a new video from Reason TV.

Highlights include a life-size'K-2SO droid from Star Wars spinoff'Rogue One.

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    Dose recovery test performed using the SAR method showed consistency with given dose for both TL and IRSL. Introduction Many natural minerals exhibit luminescence properties that are suitable for dating and dosimetry applications.