Updating database asp

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Updating database asp

To create an initial blank migration for the database, type the following command into Package Manager Console: Add-Migration Initial Create -Ignore Changes The key part of this command is the -Ignore Changes flag, which ensures that a migration is created that effectively does nothing.Running it will add an entry to the migrations table in the database, thus creating a snapshot of its original schema.

Create Database From Script(Nullable`1 command Timeout, Db Connection sql Connection, String create Database Script) at System.

In Package Manager Console, type the following command (we need to specify the context to use because we included authentication in the project and this uses its own context by default): Enable-Migrations -Context Type Name Code First Existing DB.

Store Context This will create a Migrations folder and add a file to it. This is where you need to add an extra step for an existing database.

Next, run the update-database command in order to update the existing database with the initial migration.

A new migrations table will now have been created in the Code First From Existing DB database.

Migrations Now run the update-database command in Package Manager Console to update the database.

The new description column will be added to the Products table, as shown in the figure below: You can now work with your existing database as if you had created it using Code First and continue to update it using Code First as required. Run Execute Non Query Tds(String method Name, Boolean async, Int32 timeout, Boolean async Write) at System. Internal Execute Non Query(Task Completion Source`1 completion, String method Name, Boolean send To Pipe, Int32 timeout, Boolean async Write) at System. Throw Exception And Warning(Tds Parser State Object state Obj, Boolean caller Has Connection Lock, Boolean async Close) at System. Try Run(Run Behavior run Behavior, Sql Command cmd Handler, Sql Data Reader data Stream, Bulk Copy Simple Result Set bulk Copy Handler, Tds Parser State Object state Obj, Boolean& data Ready) at System. Non Query(Db Command command, Db Command Interception Context interception Context) at System.