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Fans could add it to their buddy lists and then ping it questions about the band and their (then) new album Amnesiac.By its retirement in March 2002, Googly Minotaur had talked to more than one million fans.

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Record Bird Available on Facebook Messenger and Kik so far, Record Bird’s chatbot aims to keep keen music fans up-to-date on new releases, as they’re announced.

The first chatbots were developed in the 1960s, long before smartphones and messaging apps had the world’s eyeballs transfixed.

This isn’t a new technology, but it’s certainly a hot one in 2016 thanks to Facebook, Microsoft and other tech companies throwing their weight behind the idea of bots capable of chatting to humans within messaging apps, then doing our bidding.

Elton John held a press event with You Tube yesterday (24 January) to announce his farewell tour – a 300-date, multi-continent extravaganza that will start in September and run into 2021.

If technology predictions are anything to go by, chatbots will soon herald some of the most crucial engagement with brands, thus bringing about a paradigm shift in the essence of marketing itself.

Once songs are found, you can listen to them and share with friends.

Superplayer Zak The Brazilian startup behind this bot is creating themed playlists for music-streamers.Hardwell Dance star Hardwell’s official bot isn’t just for telling fans about new releases and live dates.It wants them to talk back: voting for his Track Of The Week and submitting shout-outs to his radio show.Loudie Another concert recommendations chatbot: a spin-off from the app of the same name, which sits in a similar space to Songkick and Bandsintown’s apps.Fans send it their location and then get concert recommendations back.Karl’s job is to deliver personalised gig recommendations to the music fans that message him.

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