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He won’t stay in a hotel room with that number, let alone board a bus, train or flight. They had to drug me to get me on the plane.” Does he have any special comfort routines when he’s flying now?Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t much enjoy his birthdays, either. “Yeah, breathing,” he says with a perfectly straight face. It’s strange because you start going through each limb and sort of have to let go and realise that you’re tensing up.

“I sort of conquered it for a while, and then I had a relapse,” he admits.

Keuning slaved at Banana Republic; Stoermer was a hospital courier, transporting blood and body parts; Vannucci took photographs at a Vegas wedding chapel.

For his part, Flowers was a bellhop at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.

Which just happens to be their most successful territory in the world.

On the countdown to their Phoenix Park date, in a rare interview, lead singer Brandon Flowers reveals his fear of flying, describes how mobile phones have tipped us into a nightmare world - and recalls his hostile TV encounter with athiest scientist, Richard Dawkins...

“I had a really bad flight from Colombia to Guadalajara in Mexico, and it kind of brought it all back up.

But now I’m recovering again.” Flying isn’t his only fear.The big news in the music video for the song is that Charlize Theron stars opposite Flowers, as a sexy, dirty, warrior type sent to rescue Flowers — all the while gazing at him with besotted doe eyes.Hey, I'd be gazing at him like that too — Flowers gives Theron a run for her money with how smoldering he looks tied up in various vulnerable positions. His gorgeous wife of almost seven years, Tana Mundkowsky, and their young brood – Ammon (6), Gunnar (4) and two-year-old Henry – are all back home in Henderson, Nevada, a quiet and wealthy suburb situated just 10 miles from the madness of the Las Vegas strip.With the band touring Europe until the middle of July, including a stop-off in Dublin’s Phoenix Park on Saturday the 13th, it’ll be at least another month before the three Flowers boys are reunited with their dad.A devoted fan of gloomy British indie bands like The Smiths, Depeche Mode and The Cure, he tended to keep his own company and admits that he was considered something of a weirdo in high-school.

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