Capital gold dating

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The average Australian is working more hours than ever before.

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For Kalgoorlie's pioneering gold diggers the pickings were rich indeed, but if the pickings were rich, so too were the costs of essential miner's supplies.

Early reports of the time indicate that Kalgoorlie's miners were forced to live on overpriced "tinned dog" - a commonly eaten but universally detested canned meat product.

The main Kalgoorlie Branch of the Goldfields Visitor Centre is located on 250 Hannan Street, telephone (08) 9021 1966; and likewise the Boulder Office can be found at 106 Burt Street, contact telephone (08) 9093 1083. For further information telephone Freecall 1800 620 440 or (08) 9092 6000. Golden Lines Bus Service operates the local Kalgoorlie-Boulder bus network with an added daily service to nearby Coolgardie.

Info contact for Golden Lines bus service is (08) 9021 2655.

For the digger even basic foodstuffs such as flour were extravagantly priced.

At the time Kalgoorlie's wholesale price for flour was 120 pounds per ton whilst the going rate in Perth was a mere 10 pounds. Chronic water shortages allowed owners of water desalination plants to sell water for anywhere between 6 pence and one shilling and sixpence per gallon.With the discovery of deep gold reefs and rich telluride minerals at nearby Boulder the age of the independent digger soon drew to a close.1897 saw the Kalgoorlie Boulder gold fields riding the crest of an investment wave largely financed by British speculators.The stage was set for the creation of a highly capitalised modern gold mining industry.Literally hundreds of companies were floated, fortunes were won and lost, and for many years Kalgoorlie's metallurgists led the world in developing commercial treatments of gold bearing ores.Its no surprise that Speed Dating was a concept just waiting to happen...