Ghanians nigerians keyan datings website

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Ghanians nigerians keyan datings website - effektives dating 7 themen

Una too much o And you are so laid back, you don’t even know, look at every bank around you, it is UBA, ECO-Bank and Zenith bank.Your mobile phones are routed through Lagos, MTN, Vodafone, Tigo and whatever!

Charlie, thank God we are not Ghanaians o Instead of getting down on Amala, Pounded yams and orisirishi, you eat burnt rice three times a day and call it a funky name “Wache” as if we won’t understand…Thank God we are not Ghanaians Since Fela left Ghana you only knew how to sing old highlife and wedding songs, who marries with a Ghanaian music anymore anyways…That, coupled with a tweet that went viral by a famous Kenyan TV girl that she has eyes only for foreigners because Kenyan men score last in her list of those who know how to take care of a lady, provokes questions that deserve answers. Every other week I would receive a bouquet of colourful flowers – with a card that told of his love for me and how special I was in his heart,” a giggly Rose says, as she talks to this writer over coffee.The said man (name withheld), now relatively well known in the business circles, has a sweet tongue, and plays his cards close to his chest.“You know Eunice,” she recalls the man saying, “I often host friends from abroad and they love meeting Kenyan girls over here.Could you be coming to our parties along with a few friends? Overnight, she kept thinking how he had treated her well. And so she agreed to bring her friends along to her boyfriend’s ‘harmless’ parties.Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians Lyrics Kofi is a common name, that’s what even I say But a Ghana man will never call a child Friday Thank God we’re not Nigerians Always shouting very loud, don’t know how to whisper And why say Mistor, instead of Mister Thank God we’re not a Nigerians You like school more than any African I’ve seen Simple thirteen, you still say tharteen Thank God we’re not a Nigerians They ban the whole team, you can’t even play Can’t you just say Hi, what is Ki lon sele Thank God we’re not a Nigerians You barely qualify, then get stuck President Goodluck but you still suck Thank God we’re not Nigerians Instead of Hamburger or Pizza with ham You eat Egusi with pounded yam Thank God we’re not Nigerians Always trying to show off, even when you eat One soup, no vegetable but twelve different meat Thank God we’re not a Nigerians Fela was a great Musician, yes of course (Inaudible) something drugs Thank God we’re not Nigerians You created Nollywood,yes more of it But too many witches and wizards in your film Thank God we’re not a Nigerians Always in traditional wear everywhere Haven’t you hear of Armani wear Thank God we’re not a Nigerians For example shining five piece agbada You can look very good in Dolce and Gabbana Thank God we’re not a Nigerians Not going anywhere fast, let’s just stroll Traffic everywhere, many bad bad roads Thank God we’re not a Nigerians No street light from Oregun to Ikeja Four four, join join two two on okada Thank God we’re not a Nigerians Extra page in your passport to pass and go You have learn very well from Obasanjo Thank God we’re not Nigerians Email fraud, Pyramid, 419 Oh that’s not fine Thank God we’re not a Nigerians But at least you are better than Liberians So thank God you’re not a Liberians Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is the Founding Editor of Ghana Celebrities.

Com , a Film Critic and a Human Rights Advocate; he holds 2 masters degrees in Law; International Human Rights Law (LL. M) from University of Leicester and Nottingham Law School--and also a degree in Law (LL. The comical song from ‘FOKN BOIS’ ‘Thank God We Are Not A Nigerians’ has been causing unwarranted buzz on the blogs and as much as I think the song is simply funny, certain segment of the Nigerian online population seem to find it extensively offensive. v=HFf O2JCD6ZM ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Thank God We’re Not Ghanaians oo Lyrics Can you imagine Ghanains abusing Nigeria, the giant of Africa, the sunshine, the mountain, and the golf of oil of Africa?Ghana, let us teach you some English, for there’s going to be some diplomatic brouhaha o, if President Atta Mills doesn’t call the Foka Sibe Boys to order Which country in the world calls their friends “Charlie” and names all their men after weekdays and weekends, Kwado (Monday) Kwabena (Tuesday) Kwaku (Wednesday) Yau (Thursday) Kofi (Friday), Kwame (Saturday), Kwesi (Sunday)?He had been strapped of cash, and was getting evicted off the premise. But there was nothing much to extract from her lover as he rolled his suitcase into a cab en route to the airport. I couldn’t believe that he was actually flying back to his country without informing me or caring to explain what had just happened,” says a distraught Njeri.He left her in the cesspool of rejects as he flew off to bliss by himself. Her story, though not quite similar to Njeri’s, has all the makings of wealth-related unions.She met an Italian tourist while working at a beach resort in Malindi.