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Suriname has a land area of 63,000 square miles (163,000 sq. Most Surinamers, however, live in the 1,900-square-mile narrow coastal plain about 50 KM wide in and around the major population centers of Paramaribo (250,000), Moengo and Nieuw Nickerie (38,000). Hills and low mountains reach a maximum height of about 4,000 feet (1,230 meters) in the heavily forested interior.

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Although they provide major transportation routes between the coast and the interior, the number of rivers has proved a historical hindrance to east-west land transportation.

Suriname's climate is tropical, hot and humid year-round.

Daytime temperatures in Paramaribo average 75F to 90F.

Temperatures in the interior, not moderated by the steady coastal breezes, are generally higher.The Host Country Area, Geography, and Climate Last Updated: 4/12/2005 AM Roughly the size and shape of the U. state of Georgia, Suriname lies on the northeast coast of South America, bordered by French Guiana in the east, Brazil in the south, and by Guyana in the west.Most of the country's 220-mile shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean consists of mud flats and mangrove swamp.With its small population and economic development largely restricted to a narrow coastal band, the Government of Suriname has focused on reforming an economic structure badly distorted by years of poor economic policy.The Government receives assistance from a variety of sources, although the largest commitments are provided by the Netherlands and the E. The Embassy is a Special Embassy Program (SEP) post with 17 direct-hire American positions.Despite its size, the Embassy performs most of the functions of a much larger post.

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