Dating bandmaster

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Dating bandmaster

A characteristic feature of sarangi playing is the very smooth meend (glissandos) and gamakas (oscillations around the note).

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Among the current masters of the instrument are Pandit Ram Narayan and Ustad Sultan Khan; they have achieved conspicuous success despite a general decline in the fortunes of the sarangi, brought about both by its poor image (associated as it is with the accompaniment of dancing-girls), and by competition from the considerably sturdier and less troublesome harmonium.Its name means "a hundred colours", indicating the range, depth and subtlety of its voice.The instrument expresses, according to the late Sir Yehudi Menuhin, "the very soul of Indian feeling and thought".The body has a goatskin face on which rests an elephant-shaped bridge of ivory or bone.The Sarangi is held vertically, neck uppermost, and the strings are stopped not with the fingertips but with the backs of the nails.Open tunings, such as DADA or FCFC are commonly used in order to incorporate the drones which are such an important part of Indian music.

The bow is held more in the folk than western classical style.Subramaniam, he has developed his own Indian Jazz Fusion style, making good use of a technical mastery of staccato bowing techniques, and fluent playing up to the fifth octave.Contrary to the popular belief that all leading Indian musicians are men, one of the greatest of all pioneers of Hindustani violin in recent times is a woman, Dr.Other stringed instruments include the Tambura (a four-stringed drone instrument, the Sarod (a small sitar), the Surbahar (bass sitar) and, from Hindustan, the Sarangi.The Sarangi: A hundred colours The Sarangi is a strange and ancient relative of the European violin which is both highly expressive and extremely difficult to play.Raags were originally based mainly around the vocal tradition, and are not instrument-specific; indeed it is remarkable to hear the similarity in tone and ornamentation when comparing vocal and violin performances of a raag.

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