Who is mikhail prokhorov dating

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He might have wanted to hire the clipper Cutty Sark or the battleship Missouri, but given that the Aurora is conveniently lying at anchor in St Petersburg, then the deck of the city’s most famous ship was the obvious place for naked dancing.

He’s the third richest man in Russia, so why should he bother? The Kremlin wants a hate figure on the scene to shore up support for Putin’s United Russia ahead of the parliamentary election. The appearance on the Russian political scene of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov to lead the liberal party Right Cause is one of the puzzles of the year.Blood, sweat and champagne Throughout human history very rich people have never been universally loved or admired.In Russia, thanks to its Communist past, this dislike has turned into uncontrollable hatred.In 2007, two months before the Duma election, Putin declared himself leader of United Russia, and the party’s popularity ratings immediately went up. United Russia owes its relatively high rating to its positioning since 2007 as “Putin’s party”.The All-Russia Popular Front was set up to offer the voter something just a little different.The businessman, who occupies the honourable position of no.3 on Russia’s Rich List, has until now been known for his total lack of interest in politics, neither supporting the opposition nor declaring himself for Putin.

Even the notorious party he held in St Petersburg on the cruiser Aurora, an iconic emblem for Russian communists, came across as an example of Prokhorov’s supreme indifference to symbols and memorials.

According to the rumours, however, there would be two entire trainloads of Zhirinovsky’s storm troopers, and that as well as voting they would terrorise the regional centre. It seemed that they were about to be invaded by the Nazis or attacked by a dragon.

But suddenly a knight in shining armour appeared, to deliver them from this fate. He announced that he would not hand his fellow citizens over to the “Fuhrer from Moscow”.

In 1999 the ultranationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky was parachuted in as a last-minute candidate for a regional gubernatorial election to play the evil dragon whom the failing Kremlin-backed incumbent could slay.

(Photo: Zygmunt Dzieciolowski)It may or not have been a coincidence that at this point a federal level politician suddenly entered the race: Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal-Democrat Party of Russia.

Zhirinovsky’s election campaign was crude and aggressive: he made fun of local traditions, and promised to get rid of the entire administration and bring in his own party members from Moscow to run the district.