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“I’d like to make that change, but…” When you hear ambivalence, you are also hearing change talk.

An important aspect of motivational interviewing is the clinician’s reinforcement of change talk.It is important for the MI clinician to understand both sides of the client’s story, and to see things from their point of view, even if we disagree.Our goal as careful listeners is to selectively reinforce the client’s speech that is in the direction of change, or leaning towards change.Change Talk refers to the client’s mention and discussion of his or her Desire, Ability, Reason, and Need to change behavior and Commitment to changing.The point here is that when people talk about change themselves, they are more likely to change than if someone else (such as the clinician, a friend or relative) talks about it In this way, change talk is self advocacy.Change talk is heard in five categories, Desire, Ability, Reason, Need, and Commitment, or DARN-C.

Learning to listen for the subtleties of meaning in your client’s conversation in these five categories is very important in Motivational interviewing.Using these questions can help to elicit change talk: Here are some examples of how conversations might go: Clinician: If you were going to change your alcohol use, why would you do it?Client: Well, my doctor’s been nagging me, and I’m beginning to think she’s right.Motivational interviewing (MI) is a counseling style that integrates an empathic, non-confrontational style of counseling with powerful behavioral strategies for helping clients convince themselves that they ought to change.MI is directive, but uses instruction as only a part of the counseling relationship.Clinician: What do you think you’ll do about changing your drinking? In each of these conversations, the clinician responded with reflective statements, which summarize the change talk statements the client made.