Self liquidating asset

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The trust units are not tradable but shares of stock in a company that has dissolved are typically are no longer tradable either.

You also need a sound project with a business plan.

A short-term loan that is typically repaid by liquidating an asset, usually inventory or receivables.

In the context of a managed liquidation it can be particularly effective as the final stage of a well planned wind down process.

Alternatively, the liquidating trust can be a backstop for a complete and relatively quick transfer of liquidation responsibilities to a third party trustee when a management team finds itself unable or unwilling to complete the liquidation effectively.

For companies with certain types of illiquid but valuable intellectual property, the liquidating trust’s simplicity and lower cost can make it superior to other alternatives.

For example, for a small biotech with drug development programs out licensed to third parties, the liquidating trust can be a cost effective way to collect milestones and royalties for a period of time while open issues are resolved and a transaction can be closed to monetize the licensor interest.Your current financial position is unimportant under this plan.You may wonder if any bank will lend you 5 or 10 million based on a project without a substantial investment from you.Since you will obtain the required collateral and income-producing instruments from the loan proceeds, your credit history does not matter.All you need, is a viable project for which the fall-out from the loan will be used.In the role of liquidating trustee, (beginning before the trust is formed) we administer and manage the liquidating trust to sell remaining assets, settle open contracts, pay creditors and distribute any available funds to the company’s former stockholders. On the contrary, we prefer to be retained early enough in the wind down process to avoid insolvency and transition smoothly from the public entity to the liquidating trust structure.