Youth ministry dating

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Variation Use this only when your group can do this with success.Decide which dowel holding partner will drop their end and which will hold the dowel while moving. Choose one or two of the walkers who seemed to move across the dowels easily. Begin the same way as above, but as the first two-some is free from the walker, one holder lets go, and both holders hurry to the front of the ladder and join in again.

Don’t let walkers jump off of the dowel to the floor at the end, because it is too hard for the people holding the dowel to keep it in place.

It is up to each person to make good choices, and to get rid of bad choices.

Remind the players, that each follower of Jesus Christ, no matter how young or how old, must make these choices every day, and that some days it is difficult to let go of the bad things that pull us from building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Each dowel holder has to strongly touch shoulders with the dowel holders on each side, and move in towards the person bearing the weight of the walker; to offer shoulder support as the walker steps onto each dowel.: If dowel holders do not hold the dowel strongly, and push against each other to support with their shoulders, this activity will not be successful.strong touch x –O—x strong touchstrong touch x——-x strong touchstrong touch x ——x strong touchstrong touch x——-x strong touch You may like having the walker begin by standing first on a chair, and then stepping onto the first dowel.

Let the walker know, that it is okay to hold onto the head or shoulders of the dowel holders.

If the word or phrase on the balloon is good, players want to hold onto them.

If they are bad, and pull away from their relationship with Jesus Christ, players want to throw those balloons over the line on the other team’s area.There are some powerful lessons to be learned and shared during the playing of this game.If the blindfolded people have a hard time describing the experience, remind the group how important it is to have good friends that will help each other make good choices.Some adapting will always take place by the group leaders to fit your space, to best fit your youth ages, and to match your desired outcome and your purpose for playing these games.Important Remember to change the obstacle course pattern, or change the course followed in the house for each new team.Follow-up lesson Take time at the end of the game to talk with all of the teams about the importance of friendship, and that with God, nothing is impossible, especially if done with the support of friends or family.