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Are you looking for a Bay Guardian story that was published before 2015? The print and online articles from the Bay Guardian newspaper and from 1966–2014 are back online at the Bay Guardian archives, and you can search the archive at this link.

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All the vagaries of love, courtship, weddings, and in-laws are mined by Chaplin, Keaton, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, and Harold Lloyd in A Jitney Elopement (’15), Fatty and Mabel Adrift (’16), Ask Father (’19), and Neighbors (’20). PM: DJ Set by Cornell Mc Intosh PM: Screening Space Jam (1h, 40m) - In a desperate attempt to win a basketball match and earn their freedom, the Looney Tunes seek the aid of retired basketball champion, Michael Jordan. the Black Muslims, and Black city and country people from all economic strata in major cities, as they express their views.

The war was brought to an end after the signing of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Paris on 14 December 1995.

Now the country is more divided than at any time since the war ended.

With commentary by Noah Hutton, filmmaker, and Benjamin Ehrlich, author of a forthcoming biography of Cajal.

and muralist JR teamed up to co-direct this enchanting documentary/road movie.

After Now captures the joys and challenges of moving from prison to community, and the ways that incarceration touches us all, while following participants for a one-year cycle. Narrated by Gil Noble, it reviews the life of the man and his legacy, following his early years In Boston and New York, his life-changing time in prison, and his relationship with the Nation of Islam.

The film features interviews with Malcolm’s widow, Betty Shabazz, and his children. Jennifer meets Count Stephen and they wine, dine and see the sights though out the city.Martha Graham chose Hansen as her personal accompanist and considered him "sacrosanct." This beautiful documentary offers a pristine journey through sound and movement, giving overdue credence to the essential contribution that accompanists make to the dance world.Majorica, held together by epistolary and oceanic exchanges among four fictional female characters who dream aloud about one day gathering in an imaginary place together. - A meta-documentary of an imaginary world based on the concept albums of Detroit based techno duo Drexciya.You’ll see distinguished jazz singers like Abbey Lincoln, Peggy Lee, and Billie Holiday, all of whom successfully made the transition to cinema.You’ll also watch timeless performances by the best singer/actresses, including Judy Garland, Diana Ross, and Marilyn Monroe.Live performances or archival recordings of new music will either affirm, challenge, or revise Bernstein’s claims.