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Now sadly being landscaped, used as road-fill, turned into golf courses and otherwise diminished.A sad loss to Scotland's industrial landscape...... Hollywood crooner who hung about with Bob Hope (see separate entry) and slid down golf clubs.

Noo pit the video doon an get oota mah hoose afore ah take this cleaver tae yer haw maws ya wee burglin' bastart"Noun: The boss; the person in charge; the head honcho; top banana ; big dog ; chief ; el jefe ; the man ; High Heid Yin; top of the food chain etc etc etc. picture the following conversation: Caller: Hello, ah'd like tae speak tae the Top Banana. Example: Wummin 1: hallo, Missis Mac , how's your wee Shagger gettin oan? To cough up phlegm, especially thick green mucus from the throat. " CJ swerrs he heard a wummin fae Cardonald shoutin' "Right up your jook" while singin alang wi "The Wild Rover". alright - for you Murcans - candy) As far as the writer is aware, this is a hardish, jelly covered with sugar. Please feel free to bombard the forum with corrections pointing out all the things that I got wrong...

pronounced Baw Heed may also be used adjectivally: Ba'heidit Example: Heh! " 2) Annual holiday in Blairgowrie - the berry picking season.

Minkers from all over Scotland gather together to pick the berries and get pished a lot.

The worst, the VERY WORST insult you can give a Scots woman is to call her a cow.

All other sweary words pale into insignificance beside this most-powerful of derogatory terms. They can brek yer airm wi a single flap ah thur wings...

ne of the most successful and popular solo female acts of the past 20 years to come out of England, Kate Bush is also one of the most unusual, with her keening vocals and unusually literate and complex body of songs. Well, it makes me long for the good times, When you were really alive. Destiny took me in her arms and told me: "You're a little lost on the fall. "Ooh," she says, "The games are still the same, I see, But they've changed the names now. " Lionhearts in the asylums, Lionhearts tossed at sea, Lionhearts who've lived their lives, like Arthur.

As a girl, Catherine Bush amused herself playing an organ in the barn behind her parents' house. A long way up in light-years, Just a pinpoint in space, In a century of planetary storms, Stranded at the moonbase, The air is getting low. Looking out at the roof-window, I've seen many strange things, From shooting stars to Stars 'n' Stripes-- Thought I'd caught a glimpse of golden wings. You fall for all the men You shouldn't fall for all at all." Ooh, I know she knows, but still I go on, Well, I'm a fool. Lionhearts in cathedrals, Lionhearts at mournings, Lionhearts in every seed-- But they're sown On the rocks, X4 Somebody I couldn't see Tied me up and put me away, Here on the rocks, Here on the rocks, Here on the rocks... Verb: to twirl or spin, particularly to the point of dizziness Example: The wean wis birlin roon an roon oan the swivel chair, but she startit tae boak.Ma heid's birlin wi aw this information fae this new Glossary A never seen entity always hiding in dark places. A type of scooter/cart made with a roller skate a plank of wood and an orange box mounted vertically at the front. Prounced Tchib A chibbing is an attack from such an implement.Naw, naw, Wee Fly Man Mc Creadie's a perfectly cromulent fella We are indebted to Mr Og, a citizen of the Unites States of Apple-pie for this contribution Noun: a horse; maybe also a donkey; probably even wee ponies. er - never dinjer NOTE: to the best knowledge of the writer, "Dinger" is never used in any other context, but always in conjunction with "To go" Sentimental term to describe the phenomenon of tens of thousands of Glaswegians packing an armada of Caledonian Steam Packet Company pleasure boats, gettin totally shitfaced on the voyage (hence the expressions "Steamboats" and "Steamin" drunk), and wrecking Millport, Rothesay, and Dunoon. Example: Wanst she's goat a few ay they Ell-Ohs in hur, she goes pure aff her heid The affectionate name by which Aberdeen is known to the rest of Scotland.Instruction to another to cease and desist from whining and complaining. This is really a feckin cheeky thing to say, so make sure you are standing well away of the person to whom you say it... An ah went tae the Boundary Bar an tanned it............. From the way that Aberdonians phrase the question to outsider 'where are you from? which is in their inimitable accent pronounced something like 'Furryboots ur you fae?If ye goat pit oot yer pals wid let ye back in through the fire exit. Ah'vbeen- I have been awrronrihooseslookingfur ye - I looling every where for you....noun: similar in meaning to Heid-the ba'. Noun: One with an exaggerated opinion of their own importance. Sometimes used more generally for a fool, but especially one who is an extremely confident fool.