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Chantal O’Brien didn’t let a little thing like being spurned by Brad Womack prevent her from a little happiness.

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At the end of October, Tommy revealed on his breakfast radio show that he had professed his love in his sleep to his new 'love interest' without revealling who it was exactly but it's now understood to have been the brunette beauty.

Though this wedding dress seemed perfectly Grace Kelly-esque, princessy and prim, in its use of 12 kinds of lace and a 4.5 m train, the high-collared long-sleeved gown has almost swallowed up the petite bride.

On the other hand, the tight wide lace corset-like bodice artfully pushes her feminine assets up to the centre of attention and shows off her tiny waist line.

This dress offered Charlene the flexibility to remove the larger train of her dress that extended from the back of the crossed shoulder detail, while the slim skirt had a smaller train of its own underneath.

This fanciful and modest princess chose not to wear a royal tiara but instead a tremblant diamond in floral pieces dating from the 19th century in her pulled back hair.

Minus the rose appliquéd top this wedding dress also reminds me of Máxima’s gown which of course was also designed by Valentino.

Now, perhaps Máxima is the unoriginal one since she was married 7 years after and managed to accentuate the simplicity of this dress and not trap all of her not-so-petite body in the dress with an airy neck and shorter sleeve design.As for the tiara, instead of following the tradition started by Josephine-Charlotte of wearing the Congo Tiara, or wearing the Belgian Scroll Tiara, that also Josephine-Charlotte has worn on her wedding day, Princess Stephanie chose to show her personality in wearing her Lannoy family's tiara.The tiara, made by jeweler Altenloh in Brussels many years ago is composed of 270 brilliant diamonds and set in platinum, and has leaf motifs, which really goes very well the embroidery on the gown.Tommy read the text message aloud: 'It says “Wow!!!Chantal just announced to media, you two are “totally doing it”.The lace fitted bodice, 3/4 sleeves and skirt was heavily embroidered with pearls and beads.

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