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These two actors and many others like them have almost all the awards in the world on their shelves, but not an Oscar, and everything looks incomplete without an Academy recognition. On the contrary, some celebrities won an Oscar and then disappeared from Hollywood as if it never mattered to them.We at Witty Feed have compiled the list of 10 such instances where different celebrities won an Oscar and then disappeared (performance wise) as if they left Hollywood.

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By Douglas Howe Back in 2008, the American Film Institute named its Top 100 Most Inspiring Films of All Time.The site served people in Boston, San Francisco, Austin, New York City, Chicago, Washington, D. Users used the "date wizard" to provide basic demographic information about themselves and their preferred dates.They could select to go on a single blind date (1 other person) or a double blind date (3 other people).Actors like Leonardo Di Caprio have spent almost their entire life in Hollywood, acting, but could only manage to win just one Academy Awards.And let's not talk about actors like Will Smith, who've moved millions of people with their performances in the films like, 'The Pursuit of Happyness' and 'Beasts of Southern Wild', but still, couldn't win an Oscar.Here are 14 of my favorite inspiring films of all time, in order of release date.

Crazy Blind Date (CBD) was a no-cost dating service that set people up on blind dates with little to no notice.

It's about time inspirational films with the ability to inspire us to higher ambitions are finally receiving more exposure on the Red Carpet.

However, this doesn't make up for the many great films that didn't win awards the year they were released, but have had a lasting impact on their audience, in our culture, and in the world of cinema.

If you wish to see Gooding at his best, then 'Jerry Maguire' is the film to watch.

Starring as a football player opposite iconic actor, Tom Cruise, as his manager, his rhetoric in this film is beyond any doubt.

In April 2010, Time Out reported that the website is under construction for updates, but will remain free when it is in operation again.

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