Natalia dating

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Natalia dating

We're all one big family." Heaton helped her out by adding, "I think there's a lot of buzz about the show, so people like to read into certain things." Oh, Natalia and Charlie. Season 2, then you already know that Nancy and Jonathan finally hooked up.

In the first pilot, Steve was going to die; the Duffers liked him and decided to keep him.

While the pair have not officially confirmed their relationship status, the duo have quietly left a trail of breadcrumbs all over the Internet, leading to the logical conclusion that they're more than just co-stars.

Let's check out all the times that two sparked romance rumors on their social media... 14, 2016: This is the first time that Charlie appeared on Natalia's Instagram.

But there was obviously something between Nancy and Jonathan.

I just didn’t know they were going to get together so fast. When it came to filming their ~steamy~ makeout session for season two, Dyer said it wasn't romantic due to all of the cameras surrounding them, but it also wasn't awkward for them (huh, wonder why?! Although she didn't comment on her rumored relationship status with Heaton, the scene was, according to her, more awkward for the people having to watch and film them.

Rumors of Dyer and Heaton's IRL relationship began in March 2017 when they were seen walking through an airport together, then walking around Paris earlier this fall, and then attending a Burberry party together earlier this week. 4 London Fashion Awards marked the first time they've gone out in public making their relationship clear. In the interview, she revealed Nancy and Jonathan were always endgame and Joe Keery's Steve Harrington was actually supposed to die in the early episodes of season one (THANK GOD that didn't happen).

She told Newsweek, “There was overwhelming support for them in season one.There have been rumors circulating for some time around these two and their supposed romance.It all started in September 2016, when they both shared Instagrams at the same time while traveling in Spain.Thank you @goldenglobes & @instylemagazine for hosting involved), so now we finally know for sure that they're together.Photos of Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer on the red carpet of the London Fashion Awards on Monday, Dec.

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