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®" (LHIC) as a knowledgebase and repository for Illinois documents, books, research papers, and other Illinois history resources. Our mission is to present, preserve and investigate Illinois history.

pub:1935 Dime Museums in Chicago, Illinois Dutch Communities of Chicago, pub:1927 Early Chicago: as seen by a cartoonist. ® group members and the non-membership Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal™ to add to the richness of the historical presentions with their historical knowledge, personal experience and supporting documents. The result truly enriches the experience for all readers. Please be patient when downloading a file as the time it takes to complete the download is dependent upon the users bandwidth speed. 100 Years of Progress, The Centennial History of Anna, IL. (1950-early 60s) Joyland Amusement Park, Chicago, IL. pub:1881 Chicago City Railways; "The Trail of the Trolley," pub:1909 Chicago Flood of 1992. pub:1936 Chicago Past and Present; a manual for the citizen, the Teacher and the Student. pub:1911 Chicago's Jitney Cab War of 1950 Chicago's Magnificent Melting Pot (Devon Avenue), American Way - American Airlines. pub:1906 Chicago Photographers 1847 through 1900, as listed in Chicago City Directories. Chicago Railroad Fair Official Guide Book - Wheels a-Rolling, 1948 Chicago Railroad Fair Official Guide Book - Wheels a-Rolling, 1949 Chicago Telephone Exchange Names and History. Chicago Street Renaming Document of 1909 Chicago Street Renumbering Document of 1909 Chicago Street Renumbering Document of 1911 for Chicago Loop Addresses. June 2015 Chicago’s Smallest Cemetery; the Andreas Von Zirngibl Gravesite. Please email for more information or to volunteer as a judge for the 2017 school year.e are pleased to announce the creation of the Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal™ "Saving Illinois history, one story at a time." The Journal presents the "best of" our Facebook group posts and new stories in a friendlier format.

Being membership free, anybody can add their comments to the postings in the Journal.

Complete History of Southern Illinois' Gang War.

pub:1927 Constitution of the State of Illinois 1818. pub:1880 History of the Illinois Training School for Nurses, 1880-1929.

Philippe, Illinois Tessville, Illinois Tiedtville, Illinois Unionville, Illinois Vishnu Springs, Illinois Wanborough, Illinois Weston, Illinois White Oak Springs, Illinois Womac, Illinois Chutes Park [Amusement Park], Chicago, IL.

(1894-1907) [full name: Paul Boyton's Water Chutes Park] Cream City Amusement Park, Lyons, IL.

The Rivalship of Insignificant Villages: Springfield, Illinois and Sangamo Town Development.