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7 comments Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple all have voice assistants vying for attention, and all are moving the concept of computer-human voice interaction forward. 28 comments Home Pod is now on sale at Apple retail locations in Australia, New Zealand and other areas where the clock turned Friday, and customers who recently took receipt of the new smart speaker are posting photos of the device to social media outlets.Apple Insider offers an abbreviated history of how we got here and the capabilities of these assistants and their devices in anticipation of Home Pod. 22 comments Following releasing a second mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4 beta version to developers and public beta testers on Tuesday, Apple on Thursday issued an updated iteration of the evaluation operating system with what appears to be minor fixes.

Despite its smarts, users are unable to access audio output settings as they would a traditional speaker or even Bluetooth devices marketed by companies like Sonos.B&H is also knocking up to 0 off i Pads and i Pad Pros, plus off Apple Care.Friday marks the launch of Apple's foray into home audio, the Home Pod, a compact yet booming smart speaker that will delight your ears and possibly annoy your neighbors.15 comments Apple was apparently experimenting with the possibility of creating a powerful version of the Apple TV long before it created the Apple TV 4K, with the discovery of code references in the "i Boot" leak suggesting it could have used an A9X chip.11 comments This week on the Apple Insider podcast, Victor and Neil talk about Home Pod, rumored i Phones and Bryan Fuller's inability to stay on a show.14 comments Top deals are in effect now just in time for Valentine's Day.

Pick up a 2017 13" Mac Book Pro with Touch Bar packed with upgrades for ,199, a discount of 0.Apple Insider offers a closer look at the newly released hardware.130 comments Improving the stability of the self-driving car world — in which Apple's role is still uncertain — Uber and Waymo have reached a surprise settlement over allegations that Uber used stolen data in developing its own technology.24 comments Reports from the supply chain suggest that Apple is widening its supplier lists for the 2018 i Phone lineup, with the new report also saying that LG Innotek will be the main vendor instead of Sharp.1 comment Apple's online store is showing constrained Home Pod supply in the U. after early reviews of the device went live on Tuesday, with orders placed today estimated for delivery by Feb. 50 comments Source code for what is claimed to be the i Boot component of Apple's i OS, software that handles secure booting of the operating system, was published on Git Hub by an unknown party on Wednesday, a development that could lead to the discovery and exploitation of currently unknown vulnerabilities.40 comments Apple's Apple Care extended warranty and accidental damage repair program for the Home Pod retails for , with a single out-of-warranty repair like accidental damage from a drop otherwise costing the user 9 uncovered, and when under the program.