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Aberdeen dating hospital - lgbt dating

The barracks are all behind barbed and razor wire so I do not know if it still exists in any form at all.Diane Tidworth Drummer I trained at there in 1965 and left for BMH Iserlohn in 66 67 and back in 1968.

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As this building was being used as an Officers Club we presume that this would have been QA Nursing Sisters.Colonel Gahan was our Commandant (Matron) and Captain Green was our Nurse tutor.I worked on Gynae & Families Medical and Gynae clinic.Many times I have heard footsteps outside in the corridor and gone out and no-one was there or have heard footsteps coming up the stairs and thinking it was Night Sister have gone out to find no-one there.He was, I think, a drummer boy who was killed whilst walking the ramparts (which I imagine were the said concrete walkways) and it was reputed you could hear him drumming sometimes - I never heard him drumming but am sure I heard him walking on many occasions.This tablet is erected by her patients Military Hospital Tidworth.

She was mentioned in the London Gazette on as being appointed to Staff Nurse of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (with thanks to Rosemary Jewers).In those days when you finished nights you could draw rations from the cookhouse to make your own breakfast in the Nurses home.I remember the long walk up to Nightingale House (Nurses home) after a hectic night duty clutching eggs and bacon! He was supposed to walk the corridors at certain times of the year - the corridors were concrete walkways under cover which ran past every ward and it was quite a spooky experience to be on nights because the wards were on the first floor and you had to come up darkly lit wooden stairs from the ground floor.History of the Tidworth Military Hospital with shared memories from former staff and patients of BMH Tidworth Tidworth Military Hospital was built in 1907. It was conveniently located by the army training grounds of Salisbury Plains in South East Wiltshire.The Drummer Boy is my latest novel about the ghost of a Gordon Highlander Drummer Boy from the Battle of Waterloo who haunts a modern day army nurse.Other scenes take place at Tidworth and during the Napoleonic War.

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