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I could see that there was something horribly wrong.

The testimony was sometime contentious at one point she told jurors, 'he lifted my skirt and latched onto my bare ass, it was grab a very long grab.'Taylor couldn't remember how long Mueller stayed latched onto her behind, but did say, 'it was a definite grab, long enough to be completely sure that it was intentional.' This photo of Shannon Melcher (left) and David Mueller (right) with his hand behind Taylor Swift at the Pepsi Center was leaked last year.Both men's former boss, Robert Call, the vice-president of KYGO told jurors that after he completed an internal investigation he fired Mueller based on three reasons.The photograph showing Mueller with his hands near Taylor's behind, statements by Swift liaison Frank Bell as relayed to him by Taylor Swift and her mother, Andrea Swift, and Mueller's changing story.'In my mind, without question, his (Mueller's) hand was behind Ms. And Taylor's road manager, Erica Warden told jurors that 'after the meet and greet, Taylor told several people, that guy [Mueller] grabbed my ass.'Warden said that she had not seen it herself, but Stephanie Simbeck, who runs Taylor Swift's Club Red, the name for her meet and greet club, and who took the photograph of Meuller and Swift that she had seen the grope.When asked by Mueller's attorney about the alleged incident of Mueller grabbing Taylor's butt, she replied that she saw Mueller grab her 'ass.'Pressed by Mueller's attorney on whether or not Mueller grabbed Taylor's on the outside of her skirt or the inside of her skirt, she said she didn't know.'He was touching her,' she said.The court was due to resume on Friday, when Swift's mother could continue her evidence, after it was cut short Thursday for because of sickness.Coiner denied touching her - and vehemently denied on the stand that he told Mueller that he grabbed Taylor's butt after the concert, as alleged by Mueller in his civil complaint.

He was also questioned on whether Mueller, who he saw at another meet and greet that same night, had been intoxicated but said he had not seen a drink in his hand or think he was drunk.Watched by her daughter and her husband Scott, Andrea turned towards Mueller and said: 'Absolutely not.'Asked who had assaulted Swift, Andrea replied: 'David Mueller did.' Taylor Swift's mother Andrea (seen above in a court sketch from Wednesday's hearing) said she was left upset to the point where she wanted to 'vomit and cry at the same time' after being told her daughter had allegedly been groped at a concert.Her first appearance on the witness stand came shortly after former radio host David Mueller completed his testimony Wednesday with a plea to restore his 'good reputation'.Taylor Swift on Thursday told how a 'drunk' local radio DJ groped her bare backside after lifting her skirt and leaving his hand 'latched' on.'He lifted my skirt and grabbed my bare ass cheek,' Swift told the jury in her civil trial.'It was a definite grab, not jostling.'In day four of her federal trial the 27-year old singer repeatedly told jurors from the stand over and over again how former KYGO radio DJ, David Mueller, 55, intentionally grabbed her at a meet and greet in Denver, CO in June 2013.Dressed in a V-neck top floral top with a simple necklace and her wearing her hair back.She said: 'One of the things I think that stuck with me [about that night] was that [Taylor] couldn't believe that after the incident, after he grabbed her, that she thanked him for being there.'She said thank you.