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This can be configured using the following Media Wiki-namespace messages: Names (also called identifiers) in Lua can be any string of letters, digits, and underscores, not beginning with a digit.Names are case-sensitive; "foo", "Foo", and "FOO" are all different names.

For example, if a module returns only other attempted substitutions will be processed.To include Unicode characters using escape sequences, the individual bytes for the UTF-8 encoding must be specified; in general, it will be more straightforward to enter the Unicode characters directly.Literal strings can also be defined using long brackets.The following keywords are reserved and may not be used as names: Lua is a dynamically-typed language, which means that variables and function arguments have no type, only the values assigned to them. Lua has eight basic data types, however only six are relevant to the Scribunto extension.The function will convert a value to a number if possible, and otherwise will return nil.This is unlike most other languages, where the number 0 is usually considered false.

When converted to a string, finite numbers are represented in decimal, possibly in E notation; Na N is A sequence is a table with non-nil values for all positive integers from 1 to N and no value (nil) for all positive integers greater than N.At this point in the page parse, templates have already been expanded, parser functions and extension tags have already been processed, and pre-save transforms (e.g.signature tilde expansion and the pipe trick) have already happened.An opening long bracket consists of an opening square bracket followed by zero or more equal signs followed by another opening square bracket, e.g. As a special case, if an opening long bracket is immediately followed by a newline then the newline is not included in the string, but a newline just before the closing long bracket is kept.Strings delimited by long brackets do not interpret escape sequences.There are no explicit functions to convert a value to other data types.