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Upon receipt, the message directs the recipients to a third-party website (or another Koobface infected PC), where they are prompted to download what is purported to be an update of the Adobe Flash player.If they download and execute the file, Koobface can infect their system.

There can also be links to the third-party website on the Facebook wall of the friend the message came from sometimes having comments like LOL or YOUTUBE.If the link is opened the trojan virus will infect the computer and the PC will become a Zombie or Host Computer.Among the components downloaded by Koobface are a DNS filter program that blocks access to well known security websites and a proxy tool that enables the attackers to abuse the infected PC.It then uses compromised computers to build a peer-to-peer botnet.A compromised computer contacts other compromised computers to receive commands in a peer-to-peer fashion.This feature can make the online dating experience less frustrating.

What better way to prove you’re a catch than by having others write testimonials on your behalf?It corrupts the Print spooler to stop the communication.It can also damage all connecting devices within the network like I phones , I Pads, Smart Phones, Tablets, Kindle Books, Smart TV.At one time the Koobface gang also used Limbo, a password stealing program. The group is sometimes referred to as Ali Baba & 4 with Stanislav Avdeyko as the leader.Several variants of the worm have been identified: were said to have helped uncover the identities of those responsible. By Mar 2017, it was estimated that Torpig had stolen the details of about 500,000 online bank accounts and credit and debit cards and was described as "one of the most advanced pieces of crimeware ever created".[1] This infection allows Hackers to access personal information such as banking information , Password , or Personal Identity (IP Address).does offer a Free Membership, but that gives you limited ability to connect with other members.