Biblical perspective on interracial dating

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Biblical perspective on interracial dating

In the case of the Muslims, their worldview and subsequent actions are shaped by their vision for world domination, the establishment of Islamic kingdom of God on Earth – the creation of worldwide Caliphate and the End Times.” The contribution of ) Christian collaborationism to Islam is even more important.

It is time for the West to place importance on looking at events happening around the world through the lens of ideologies.

They proposed to combine the teachings of Jesus with the teachings of Marx as a way of justifying violent revolution to overthrow the economics of capitalism.

Religion will become obsolete, when humanity rejects the supernatural G-d of antiquity for the new dialectical deity, fathered by historical forces, leading its chosen to the land promised by Marx and Lenin.

As a cynical perversion of language it ranks with the slogan posted above the portals of Auschwitz by another revolutionary movement: Arbeit Macht Frei – Work frees.

The freedom which liberation theology proffers is the oblivion of the crematoria.

See: Bat Yeor writing in the National Review on September 18, 2003, .

In the days when the Superpowers were locked in a Cold War, Latin America seethed with revolution, and millions lived behind an iron curtain, a group of theologians concocted a novel idea within the history of Christianity.In this secular messianic vision, clearly there is no place for Judaism or Christianity, with its insistence on a G-d above and outside of history and obedience to His dictates, revealed in the Oral and Written Law.Liberation theologians agree with Marx’s famous statement: “Hitherto philosophers have explained the world; our task is to change it.” They argue that theologians are not meant to be theoreticians but practitioners engaged in the struggle to bring about society’s transformation.He suggested that responsible voters have a duty to inquire whether Obama subscribes to these views.As it turns out, Blackwell’s observations are just the tip of the iceberg concerning this theology.Many of us understood from the beginning the unrealism in the promises of this extreme liberal partisan to be a messianic uniter.