Who is john cena dating june 2016

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Who is john cena dating june 2016

Taiwanese pop singer, Rainie Yang, had more than five million tuning into her Oct.2015 web concert, during which she streamed comments from netizens on a huge screen behind her.

I’m not sure what his role will be when he gets back other than being a top face.

There’s obviously a big money match waiting there with Roman Reigns for the WWE Title. Reigns at Summer Slam unless they want to do Lesnar vs. He could go for the US Title again although it’s been done, so they might want to try something else with him.

Love him or hate him, his return will certainly help the WWE product because he’ll always get a reaction.

John Cena, 16-time WWE World Champion, recently confirmed on Twitter the date he will be returning to WWE.

That date is Tuesday, July 4 on Smackdown Live from Phoenix, Arizona.

I think what’s most likely is a situation where Shane is ready to run things again, then Hunter and Steph come out, then they argue about who is in charge and it sets the wheels in motion for the power struggle angle. After losing the NXT Title to Samoa Joe on Friday night, he said “see ya on Monday” to fans as I wrote about here, but then on Saturday he said he would still be in NXT.

Finn always likes to tease, so nobody really knows.Look for a graphic to start the show and there might be a video package about her too. She also deserved to be treated better while she was alive, but that’s a whole other story. I’ll be back live at 8pm ET tonight for a live Raw Deal review of this week’s show.*The “Camp WWE” show debuts on WWE Network on May 1.Here’s a video showing the opening video as well as a behind the scenes looks at how it all came together.*Here’s a Samoa Joe interview talking about how he knew NXT was the right place for him.In other Cena news, he just turned 39 years old this past Saturday.

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