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She would also like to see the county prohibit e-cigarettes in public, indoor places where regular cigarettes are banned, a change the city of Mankato implemented two years ago.

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15.5% of residents speak other Indo-European language at home (79% very well, 12% well, 7% not well, 1% not at all).

4.9% of residents speak Asian or Pacific Island language at home (65% very well, 16% well, 18% not well, 2% not at all).

1.5% of residents speak other language at home (85% very well, 12% well, 3% not well).

The Minnesota Freedom to Breathe Act became law in 2007, making all workplaces, including bars and restaurants in Minnesota 100% smokefree.

Click here to learn more about Minnesota's smokefree law.

Council to consider restricting tobacco businesses to downtown district - August 19, 2016 Also included for consideration was the opportunity to make licensing changes, ...

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    Initially, Valve was required to be the publisher for these titles since they had sole access to the Steam's database and engine, but with the introduction of the Steamworks software development kit (SDK) in May 2008, anyone could potentially become a publisher to Steam, outside of Valve's involvement to curate titles on the service.

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