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His career will be ruined as the other location is scheduled for sale after the merger which will leave Tom jobless.Tom receives an e-mail from someone identified only as "A Friend." It directs him to Seattle attorney Catherine, who specializes in sexual harassment cases.

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Meredith must now be fired by Garvin who passes over Tom and names Stephanie Kaplan to the post.

Despite wishing for the position himself, Tom is pleased that his colleague has been promoted.

The main focus of the story, from which the film and book take their titles, is the issue of sexual harassment and its power structure.

Bob Garvin, a technology company founder, plans to retire when his company merges with a larger company.

Production line manager Tom expects to be promoted to run the CD-ROM division.

Instead, Meredith, a former girlfriend, is promoted to the post.

When Tom makes his presentation at the conference and Meredith brings up the production problems, he shows the memos and a video exposing her involvement in causing defects with the hardware.

Meredith says that Tom is mounting a last-ditch effort to take revenge on her.

Tom remembers misdialing a number on his cell phone at the time of his meeting and Meredith throwing his phone (but not hanging up), thus inadvertently creating a recording on a colleague's voicemail of the entire encounter.

Tom plays the recording at the next meeting and discredits Meredith.

Not knowing what to do, Tom receives a call from a Malaysian colleague who gets Tom copies of incriminating memos and videos.

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