Editorial internet dating

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Editorial internet dating

She added that it was futile and counter-productive to send offenders to prison.A recovering alcoholic called Grace Gunn agreed that ‘people do get drugs in prison’.

Many of William's privileged friends and acquaintances have taken drugs, with damaging, sometimes disastrous, consequences.As for the discussion about prisons, this only illuminated Prince William’s ignorance.Almost no one is sent to prison for drug possession nowadays, though it is true — and highly regrettable — that drugs are freely available inside.It is the poor, and those who have to work, who would suffer most if cheap drugs were to flood the market with the State’s stamp of approval.One contention of campaigners is that legalisation wouldn’t lead to an explosion in usage. Cheap, legally obtained alcohol has led to higher sales, and cheap, legally obtained cannabis would have the same effect.More than most of us, William has witnessed the baleful effects of drug use. The Prince’s upper-class pals, like others in that walk of life, are often protected from the worst consequences of drug abuse.

You would think his experience might have opened his eyes wider to the dangers, and prevented him from posing a question which, as I say, an opponent of legislation could never have asked. They can pop into an expensive rehab clinic or pay for costly medical advice.

Some of them don’t work, in the normal sense of the word, and thus haven’t got livelihoods to destroy.

If drugs were legalised, the pampered rich would survive, though a few more of them might kill themselves, and, inadvertently, others.

The effect on the nation’s mental health would be near catastrophic. Like many such studies over the years, an Israeli report in April found that smoking cannabis in adolescence may serve as a catalyst for schizophrenia in individuals susceptible to the disorder.

Don’t most of us know of one or more unfortunate young people who have sunk into a torpor (that’s the relatively lucky option) or suffer some psychotic problem (that’s the unlucky one) as a result of regularly smoking dope?

The number of drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado who tested positive for marijuana has risen sharply each year since 2013, and more than doubled in four years.