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In the hurry the bricks are miscounted, the slates chipped at the edges, the cheeses cracked, the ripe fruit and vegetables crushed and spoilt; the chairs, furniture, oil cakes, cast iron pots, grates and ovens all more or less broken; the coal turned into slack, the salt short of weight, sundry bottles of wine deficient and the fish too late for market."With four porters needed per wagon and one clerk to supervise every four wagons of an incoming train, transhipment at Gloucester added 2/6 to the cost of every ton of freight that passed through the City – a great expense in those days.In fact the only benefit brought by the Break of Gauge came in 1849 when Gloucestrians had the chance to see Queen Victoria change trains – and then only because Her Majesty was avoiding London on a journey from Balmoral to Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight due to an outbreak of Cholera in the Capital.

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However, this sharply curving route was still worked by horses and so an independent High Orchard Branch was the only real way forward.The Midland was financially helped in its takeover bid by the London & North Western Railway – whose engines included "Columbine", seen here.The London & North Western also offered the use of Birmingham New Street station in return for keeping the Great Western off its territory.From its start pandemonium reigned at Gloucester, now at the centre of a railway route stretching from Tyneside to the Exe.If the Twentieth Century’s jet age brought the expression "Breakfast in London, Dinner in New York, Luggage in Bermuda" then "Lost at Gloucester" became synonymous with the problems of travel in Victorian minds."Gentle Reader, if you wish to know what a break of gauge is, a journey between Birmingham and Bristol will make you very sensibly conscious of it.For this event a scarlet cloth was spread across the station platform with a richer carpet laid down for the Royal party itself as it moved from the carriages of the coal cart gauge to those of the Great Western.

The columns supporting the platform canopy were also decked with flowers and laurels, although the crowd did get somewahat over excited.The Gauge being thus broken your journey is brought to a dead halt.With all your luggage and rattle traps, whatever they be in size and number, you are obliged to shift from one carriage to another.On 14 January 1845 the Chairmen of both the Bristol & Gloucester and Birmingham & Gloucester Railways agreed to merge their respective companies in an effort to minimise confusion.Then, on January 24, the Great Western offered to buy them both.Part of the Gloucester & Stonehouse Junction Railway followed the same route as that of the High Orchard Branch to the Docks built by the Midland Railway in 1848.