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Think about it this way, if I decided to redefine the word “red” to match the color green and then started stopping at green lights I would cause a traffic accident.

Ken Boa writes, “The Way often uses the right terminology but in the wrong way.”[4] Similarly, “Theosophy proceeds deceitfully and parasitically by its practice of using (misusing) Christian terminology.”[5] Also, “Though this cult uses Christian terminology to communicate its mystical Eastern concepts to a Western audience, it is vehemently opposed to every major tenet of biblical Christianity.”[6] If it walks like a duck then it’s probably a ___ *quack!

Skiba’s deceptive faith statement is clearly cultic because it uses known Christian theology to deceive followers into thinking he affirms Christian doctrine.

This is Rob’s comment from our facebook discussion that first alarmed me to his cultic theology.

Note in the last paragraph he writes the majority view (one God in three persons) “is the very definition of absolute heresy.” So he has effectively called every Christian theologian over the last 1700 years a heretic.

L trinus threefold] 13c 1 : the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead according to Christian dogma 2 not cap : a group of three closely related persons or things 3 : the Sunday after Whitsunday observed as a feast in honor of the Trinity[3] It doesn’t get any more “common” than Webster’s.

Clearly, what is commonly referred to as the trinity is the belief in “one God in three persons.” Rob denies the Holy Spirit is a person just like the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons.

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Jesus – John ) , and He has sent His Holy Spirit to empower, comfort and encourage us in our walk with Him.

I believe the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one (Genesis 1:1-4; Isaiah 11:1-5; John 1:1-14; ; ; 1 John 5:7), thus, commonly referred to as the Trinity. I have undeniable proof that he does not believe what is “commonly referred to as the Trinity.” He argues vigorously against the trinity and my facebook notes comment section have a record of it.

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