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However, he eventually came back to his senses and thereby noticed that the plush pig was missing.Therefore, he angrily went to his daughter's bedroom, who immediately woke up as he began to search her room.

Corbett explained that she just wanted it so she could sleep, but Jeff took it away, berating her as he had told her numerous times not to touch anything in Dylan's room.

As Jeff made his way through the building, he eventually reached the door to his second test. When he attempted to open it, it turned out to be quite hard as unknown to him, a contraption was attached to the other side of the door with a tightened wire that extended across the room to a control panel.

However, Jeff finally managed to open it and stumbled into the room.

After sedating them, he took their unconscious bodies as well as all of Dylan's possessions to John's hideout at the abandoned Gideon Meatpacking Plant where he locked up all the toys and photos of Dylan in a large incinerator.

(Saw III, IV) Shorty afterwards, Jeff woke up and found a tape recorder left by Jigsaw.

Shortly afterwards, Jeff went to Dylan's bedroom and stood in front of a mirror on the wall.

Drunk and filled with anger, he yelled at his own reflection and threatened it with a gun, imagining it to be Timothy Young.

Thereby, Jigsaw promised him that he would finally be able to confront the murderer of his son.

However, if he refused to play his game, Jigsaw told him that the doors would lock after two hours and he would die in this place.

As the key to Halden's chain was hidden among Dylan's them, the only way to get it was by activating the incinerator, which would burn all the toys and photos until only the key was left.

When the tape ended, a giant blender with multiple interlocking saws, which was connected with the vat via a chute, was activated.

Upon doing so, he saw how a metal pin connected to the end of the wire was pulled out of the panel.