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Decca legends are similar but the letters are more closely spaced and always run in a straight line; the various parts of Decca legends are generally separated by hyphens.Away from the run-off legend there is usually something which looks like either a '1', a reversed '1', or an '! There is a letter, or a pair of letters, at three o'clock; Keith Stephens has kindly informed me that, as is the case with Decca recordings, these refer to the different 'stampers' that were used to make the pressings.

* * * * * With occasional exceptions Decca run-off legends are typefaced. The basic matrix number, which usually bears no relation to the catalogue number, is followed by a 'T' and a single number, and then by another single number and a letter - generally a '1' and a 'C' or a 'K'.Making a record involves several stages, and marks can be added at each - it should be kept in mind that once a stamper has been made by one firm it can be taken to a different firm for the actual pressing to be done.Identification, therefore, is likely to be less than an exact science, and the following guide should be approached with caution. A comprehensive list of the various markings and their meanings can be found at https://The basic matrix number is followed by a hyphen, then a single number, usually a '1'.Thus we have 'SHAR 5113 B-1' for Harvest, 'YPUR 120 A-1' for Purple, and 'EMI 2397 A-1' for the EMI label.If it's at the top of the record, that's twelve o'clock; if it's at the bottom, that's six.

The three and nine o'clock positions are where you'd expect them to be, as are all the rest of the hours.While reading the following descriptions it helps to think of the record as a kind of clock-face.Position the run-off legend so that it's the right way up.Each stamper was used to make approximately five hundred pressings, so for a popular record they had to be changed regularly.* * * * * EMI run-off legends are placed at 6 o'clock, and come in a widely-spaced typeface.The parts of the legend may be separated by hyphens or dots or they may be left blank.

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